Quotes from Parents/Past pupils:

My daughter did fantastic in secondary school; she was always well ahead and got brilliant Leaving Certificate points. I always felt that the Montessori teaching she received from Jenny et al., was the reason for this.” L. Berechet, Dublin.

There is a sense of community throughout the school and a sense of friendship among the pupils. The pupils are taught in a way where they have freedom in their learning. The teachers have a strong bond with each pupil.” Julian, 1st year, Belvedere College S.J.

As a working parent, I have Mammy guilt always. When I discovered this little school and after school, I was thrilled. It is small and homely, calm and inviting. They bring in the extracurricular activities so I don’t need to run to them at the weekend. There is continuity of care and I know their homework is getting done properly. Our evenings and weekends together is then quality time.” C. Murphy, Dublin.

Daragh was 2 and Fergus was 5 when they started. My experience of their time there was very positive. Having full time care associated with excellent education facilities was the perfect combination for me as I was working full time.  They encouraged parents to get involved with their children’s developmental and social needs. I believe the Montessori method stood to my sons as it encourages an inquiring mind and individuality. Both my sons have subsequently excelled academically and I would say both are grounded, socially aware adults.” M. Poynton